Our Story
-Note from the Founder
We help people move more and are enamored with your activity!

After graduating from Penn State, I moved out to California to train with the Nike Farm Team. This was an Olympic Development group based at Stanford and coached by Jeff Johnson (Nike's first employee). In spite of his amazing credentials, my teammates and I were initially skeptical of Jeff's "train at current fitness level to race at peak performance". After all what does a shoe mogul with ripped jeans and a couple of New Hampshire State Championships know about high performance anyway?

For almost two years, we added workouts, ran faster than assigned and saw only moderate improvements until the pact was made.

Three of our fearless leaders, Ray, Gary, and Steve decided that we should actually listen to our coach and follow his assignments in distance and pace to the letter.

Voila! Every single one of us began to improve.

That was my 'aha' moment and I've been working ever since to make these proven training methodologies more widely available to walkers, runners, cyclists, swimmers and anyone who wants to move more and become healthier!

Today, our algorithm takes personal inputs such as fitness background, fitness goal, device preference, and availability to generate a customized plan. The methodology is similar to Jeff's and effective for that tech guy who doesn't exercise to the Executive who runs at 4:30 AM before getting her kids off to school and to the office by 7:30 AM.

The movecoach™ training technology is the only adjustable, algorithmically fueled training platform on the web. So far, we've guided thousands of employees to millions of miles. Basically we're a bunch of health conscious nerds = runners, Pilates types, coders, mothers and above all coaches that are obsessed with helping you move more.

So if you take the first step then we'll help you take the second and third!

Keep Rolling!

Tom McGlynn