January 29, 2024

Get to Know the Coaches - Beyond their PR's: Coach Tom

Written by Cally Macumber
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What are you up to?

Right now, I remain focused on my life’s professional work = helping runners of all levels train right and reach their potential.  I’m super excited about some of the great enhancements at Runcoach we will introduce to our runners this year.

What are you reading?

Gabor Mate’s The Myth of Normal. Full disclosure I’m a terrible reader and usually put books down about 60% of the way through.  Dr. Mate’s book fascinates me.  I had no concept of inter-generational trauma and the impacts.  Further, it has practical advice on how to move forward and become inherently present.  Up until now I only had running:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:coach_tom
What are you listening to?

I’m a lyrics junkie so I like to delve into the words.  Mostly I still listen to pop, rap and of course the classics.  Taylor Swift is probably my favorite and I’m fascinated by Kanye the artist and his stories.  Recently, I was reacquainted with my college favorite Abbey Road which I still believe is the best album ever.

What are your non-running goals for 2024?

I want to read more.  I’m excited for my last season of coaching the OLA middle school track program and want to pass the reigns to the new coaches who are terrific.  I will take my first European trip to Spain in March to visit my brother, sister-in-law and niece = can’t wait!

Ok, but what about running?

I’m just coming off a ski accident and subsequent concussion so just getting back into it.  Still I’m hopeful to run the KP Half Marathon on February 4 in San Francisco.  I have a special athlete I’m hoping to pace to her first half marathon finish (you may here more about that in the future).
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